Flu season is here and we can’t avoid being exposed it. However, we can prevent getting the flu by boosting our immune systems and making ourselves ready to fight back.

The following tips will help you start healthy during this season:

  • Hydration is key and you must aim to consume 100 oz of water per day. Prepare your water with natural immune boosters like lemon, cayenne pepper, pink salt, raw ginger or honey. You can play with the amounts every day your body needs different quantities of these items.
  • Be consistent about taking your vitamins; include vitamin D3 and vitamin C during this season. Try to sit out in the sun as this is the best way to receive vitamin D.
  • Purchase a Whole Probiotic DF from WFH online natural pharmacy, increase intake of fermented foods as they stimulate the good flora in your intestines, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Schedule and acupuncture and cupping treatment; this will stimulate your body to remain strong. Chinese Herbal Medicine will also be helpful.
  • Sleep: try to get at least 8 hours of sleep so your body has the chance to recover and be ready for the next day. You can use supplements like WFH Sleep Easy Melatonin or herbal teas to help you fall asleep or stay asleep and get the benefits of a full night rest.
  • FIVE foods that boost the immune system:
  1. Citrus (oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, etc) due to their high content of Vitamin C, helping with White Blood Cell production which is key to fight infections.
  2. Garlic has a sulfur-component called allicin which has immune boosting properties. It also helps reduce high blood pressure.
  3. Green Tea has anti-oxidants and amino -acids that help fight with production of T-cells which are experts in fighting germs.
  4. Poultry (chicken or turkey) are high in vitamin B6 which is a key player in many chemical reactions in the body. It also aids with production of red blood cells.
  5. Yogurt has cultures (live and active cultures) that help our intestines cultivate healthy flora which is an important part of our immune system. However, look our for yogurt products that are loaded with sugar. You can get plain yogurt and sweeten it with fruit or honey. Yogurt is also high in Vitamin D. 
  • Slow down, breath and eat well!

I think the best advice is to wash your hands – wash your hands and wash your hands several times per day or carry a natural hand sanitizer with you. Stay healthy!

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Dr. Catherine Ford, AP

Whole Family Healthcare