What is the aim of our integrative cancer support program?

Scientific data from the last five decades shows that cancer cells grow in the body every day. A healthy immune system is able to identify and remove cancer cells.  By the time a cancerous tumor has reached the size of one centimeter it contains approximately 30 billion cells and has managed to evade detection and destruction by the immune system for 10 to 20 years. Although cancer growth and spread can be controlled (i.e. by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation); the big question is, “What are the imbalances in the body that may allow the next cancer cell to divide instead of be controlled?”  In other words, the “terrain” in which the cancer “seed” grows needs to be once again be made inhospitable. If you desire to prevent cancer, currently have cancer, or wish to prevent a relapse after treatment, the critical things you must do now include boosting the immune system, optimizing your nutrition and diet, detoxification, and learning how to reverse the toxic “terrain” in which cancer grows and spreads.


Fortunately, there are a host of scientifically proven interventions which allow the restoration of an optimal state of immune function.  Recent studies confirm that the status of the immune system appears to be the most important prognostic factor for long-term survival in cancer patients.   Furthermore, restorative and nutritionally-based interventions reliably lead to significant improvements in quality of life (i.e. energy, sleep, joy, weight) at the same time. Contrary to long-held beliefs in the oncology community, antioxidants, herbs, and other nutritionally-based interventions actually enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in most cases.  Many of these natural interventions can also reduce the side effects and damage from conventional cancer therapies. The challenge is that the enormous volume of possible interventions can quickly become extremely confusing and overwhelming. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of this evolving and growing scientific world of data. Having developed support programs for nearly 2000 cancer patients over the past 20 years, Dr. Mueller will decipher which of the hundreds of scientifically-proven interventions would be most effective in optimizing your immune system and in reducing not only your odds of re-occurrence but also the side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. With this knowledge comes the power to choose wisely, so you may enjoy a longer, healthier and cancer-free life.


What does the immune-boosting, cancer-support program consist of?

Our program involves an initial comprehensive evaluation lasting 90 minutes.  During this time critical elements of your medical history are reviewed and documented.  Thanks to next generation cancer cell genomic/genetic testing we are now able to test your cancer cells, found circulating in blood, for sensitivity to a large spectrum of natural substances such as Curcumin and Vitamin C, and also provide sensitivity data for most of the available chemo-therapies and biologic therapies. This allows us a unique opportunity to determine which therapies may be most efficacious, and for you to communicate that information to your oncologist. Next, the possible immune-boosting, cancer-support interventions are analyzed and specifically considered in regards to your individual case after measuring immune-function, inflammation markers and nutritional status in the blood. Then, a holistic support program derived from the data collected and based on up to date evidence in the research literature is customized to your individual situation.  Again, the focus is on optimizing hormones and nutrients, boosting the immune system, detoxification, and mind and body balance.


The sooner the better……Recent research has revealed that a very promising intervention point along the continuum starting with the initial cancer diagnosis is the time of cancer surgery or biopsy.  It is during this time where our immune systems are in their weakest states that cancer is most likely to metastasize or spread.  Keep in mind that metastasis and recurrence are the primary reason for poor survival statistics in cancer patients at 5 and 10 years.  A rapidly growing body of research over the past 15 years has revealed that specific medications and medical procedures common to this time period have been found to dramatically increase the risk of spread.  However, having uncovered this important information, we then identified this critical time period as an incredibly valuable window of opportunity to introduce potentially life-saving interventions around the time of cancer biopsy, surgery, and beyond.  We accomplish this goal by prescribing a variety of supplements, lifestyle interventions, intravenous nutritional therapies, and other therapies and procedures designed to super-charge the immune system. We also provide patients with information on less risky medications and operative/peri-operative procedures which can then be discussed with their surgeons and oncologists. In pursuit of this goal, our program is developing a referral base of like-minded oncologists and surgeons more open to holistic approaches.  Based on published research, these critical immune-boosting interventions and approaches may significantly reduce the risk of recurrence and thus long-term mortality.

Supportive Interventions which will be considered include:

  • Medications and natural substances shown in published, peer-reviewed research, to boost the immune system and reduce the ability of cancer to spread at the time of biopsy or surgery.
  • Tagamet, Low-dose naltrexone, Metformin, Citrus Pectin, Mushroom extracts (AHCC, PSK-Coriolus, Reishi), melatonin, curcumin, nattokinase, probiotics, curcumin, resveratrol, NAC, NSAIDs, Glutamine
  • Alternative Rx pain control which does not depress immune function
  • Referrals to local surgeons and oncologists who are more open to a holistic approach
  • IV nutrition (high potency multivitamin-type infusions)
  • Powerful detoxification programs including far-infra red sauna therapy
  • Acupuncture (immune-boosting, pain control, etc)
  • Plant-based/ superfoods/Foods that fight cancer / raw, organic based dietary programs
  • Intensive meditation & exercise programs

Who would be a good candidate for this program?

This program is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is scheduled to have a biopsy or considering cancer surgery
  • Has a genetic predisposition to cancer (lifestyle and dietary interventions are more powerful than genetics)
  • Is interested in preventing primary occurrence
  • Is receiving chemotherapy, or post chemotherapy
  • Is receiving radiation therapy or post-radiation therapy
  • Recently diagnosed or in remission

What’s the first step?

The first step is a commitment to gaining education on possible options.

What kind of results can I expect?

Expect greater energy, better sleep, improved appetite, clearer mind, and greater quality of life! Expect to optimize your immune system and maximize the ability of a stronger “terrain” to once again prevent cancerous growth in your body. You can expect to have an expert in the field of integrative cancer support to help you understand and choose a plan which is optimal for your situation. You can expect to have fewer side effects from cancer therapies and also to enjoy a much stronger immune system both clinically and through lab values. You can expect your body to detect and remove future cancer cells more effectively.  You can expect a singular focus on restoring optimal function to your cells and organs so they do what they do best; keep you healthy, happy, energetic, degenerative disease-free and cancer-free!