Every January good intentioned people add weight loss to their New Year’s resolutions.  The gyms and fitness centers are flooded with new people and after a month it quickly dwindles down to normal and hopes for weight loss are squashed as the busyness of life gets in the way.  No weight loss and if you are like most people, probably another year of gradual weight gain with tighter fitting pants and a reluctance to step on a scale.  This is where people who are fed up decide to seek professional advice.  Our philosophy has always been to improve your overall health and the weight will gradually come off over time.  We firmly believe in exercise, proper diet, stress reduction, nutrition, hormone balance, and regular detoxification for optimal weight management.  The problem in today’s society is this does not lend to fast enough results to keep most people on the program.  If only we could get faster results safely and without the need for drugs and high cost procedures.  Well the wait is over!

Whole Family Healthcare is excited to announce a new FDA approved device that uses LED technology for weight loss.  Now we can accelerate your weight loss with this new cutting edge therapy while you work on diet changes, lifestyle factors, elimination of toxins, and improving stress levels. 

The technology forces the adipocytes to open up and release their contents.  This is turn turns the body into fat burning mode.  This creates positive momentum and some significant physical changes that allow for proper follow through with important foundational approaches for long term health.  In clinics across the country practitioners are conservatively reporting 1-2 dress or pant sizes in a 6 week time frame with absolutely zero side effects!  Our programs are tailored to meet your individual goals and preferences for diet and lifestyle changes. 

Whether you have been have a significant amount of weight to lose or just target some problem areas we can help. We guarantee results while we educate you on how to keep it off naturally.  The struggle is real and now we have the most attractive natural option on the market completely free of side effects. 

The New Non-Surgical Laser-Like Technology to Lose 2-8 Dress or Pant Sizes in 42 Days Guaranteed.

No surgery. No pain. No drugs.

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