Off to College!

The dog days of summer have passed and we savor the drop in the humidity that marks Florida’s fall season. After sending off my youngest to college recently, it is now time to send off the first care package to the dorm! What goes in the box?

Well, there’s the charger cord that got left behind and the backpack that arrived a few days late. And, of course, a few health-related items that may not be the first thing she wants, but will definitely need in the coming months! As everyone knows, living in a dorm is like being in daycare: being in such close quarters, you can bet a “bug” will get passed around to whomever is susceptible.

Trying to keep my cub healthy is this mama bear’s concern. I put in a box of Whole Probiotic DF, good for both the immune system and a teenager’s acne-prone skin. Next, a small container of Vitamin C Supreme with a sticky note to tell her to put it into her water bottle (the less pills she has to remember, the easier it is for everyone!). A bottle of Vitamin D Supreme with a reminder to take this regularly, especially during those cold winter months when most of their time is spent indoors. Then, a bottle of Immune Supreme as a backup “go to” for immune support. Of course, a bag of dark chocolate squares and a picture of the two dogs top it all off with a handwritten note from home about how much we miss her! Can’t wait to see her for Parents’ Weekend!

Patricia Ilagan, MD