The Corona Virus world-wide pandemic has put the world health authorities on high alert as to the serious and potentially dangerous nature of this disease. We are Whole Family Healthcare strongly encourage EVERYONE to take proactive steps which may reduce your odds of exposure to this virus or other potentially deadly viruses such as the flu which is currently raging throughout the country. These viruses can be transmitted by direct person to person contact, (talking, sneezing, coughing) and direct touch of common surfaces (door handles, counter tops, during public or retail purchase of goods or groceries.)  EVERYONE is at risk!

The incubation period for the Corona Virus is up to 14 days and there is no way to look at a person and tell if they have been exposed. YET, they can still be spreading the virus despite the complete absence of symptoms.

Furthermore, scientists have found that this Corona Virus can survive for up to 9 days (far longer than average cold or flu virus) on surfaces such as counters, door handles, and the like.

Our best defense by orders of magnitude is a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Dr. Mueller and Whole Family Healthcare have been expended a lot of effort and resources to develop highly effective immune boosting protocols and therapies which may not only protect you and your loved ones but potentially save lives should the Corona Virus continue to spread world-wide.

There are several steps which can be taken to reduce exposure risk but our greatest ally in this fight is a strong immune system.

Over the past 20 years Dr. Mueller has developed a series of highly effective, nutritionally based, immune boosting IV’s and related oral supplementation protocols. These protocols are now being used vey effectively at Whole Family Healthcare in Winter Park.

Recently, research coming out of China is showing very positive results from the use of high doses of intravenous vitamin C against the Corona Virus.  Whole Family Healthcare has been using high dose IV vitamin C with great success over the past 10 years for flu, viruses and other types of infections. Iv doses in the range of 10-25 grams appear to possess potent anti-viral and anti-oxidant and immune boosting activity. In this context, intravenous vitamin C may not only be virucidal (assist in killing these viruses) but also provide critical nutritional, immune boosting and antioxidant benefits to gently support the body back to homeostasis and wellness.

Who Benefits:

  • Everyone– we all are at risk.  Community outbreaks are expected by the CDC.
  • Elderly and immmuno-compromised; especially those over 60.
  • Travelers (Airline travel has been rated as being very high risk for acquiring flu, colds, and potentially the Corona Virus.

Dr. Mueller and Whole Family Healthcare strongly encourage our patients to come in for our immune-boosting special to include

  • Highly potent vitamin C based intravenous therapies
  • Proven, immune boosting oral herbs and supplements
  • Homeopathies and acupuncture to assist in immune strengthening

We believe these viruses can be treated successfully but, who wants to wait until they are ill to begin treatment. Be proactive, protect yourself and your family today by calling Whole Family Healthcare.