We started our Natural Pharmacy with the intention of bringing the highest quality physician grade formulas that were both cost effective and consistently produced results.  Over the years we have increased our offerings with newer combinations based on current research.


The companies we carry have the highest standards in the industry so that whatever they put on the label is in there and nothing else.  Each batch is tested for heavy metals, contaminants, and other solvents.  The price of many products on the market reflect the use of low-quality raw materials many of which do not have the desirable ingredients listed on the label and worse often have harmful toxins that we would never knowingly ingest for health purposes.


Another trend that I (Dr. D’Antonio) have seen over the past two decades is that profitable supplement companies can be bought out by large corporations and this historically has created changes in quality and price over time so you will see us phase out certain formulas for that reason.   We are committed to working with companies that ethically align with our core values.


Online pharmacy sales have significantly increased over the years and the UPS man makes frequent pickups from our online Natural Pharmacy that are shipped all around the country.  Our supplements and food grade supplements are stored in a climate-controlled facility that would never impact their quality or potency. Other online retailers are not held to the same standard we follow in our office and so we always caution patients about purchasing online from other sources as you don’t know where that supplement was stored prior to arriving at your doorstep. This can significantly alter the beneficial properties of the formula or render it useless if not harmful as well.


Our pledge to you and your family is to continue to provide the best research-based formulas available on the market from companies who have the highest standards in the field.


Steven D’Antonio, AP

Whole Family Healthcare