Intravenous Vitamin C for the Flu?

Influenza is currently at epidemic levels in the U.S. H3N2 is the dominant strain of flu this year, responsible for more hospitalizations and deaths than in recent years, according to reports from the CDC.

The fact is that a nutritionally deficient, immune weakened person is far more likely to catch the flu and suffer more severe or even life-threatening complications. Already this year the CDC reports that over 44.000 people have died from the flu, including 37 children.

Conventional Medicine Approaches

Vaccination against the flu is touted as being the answer. However, according to the publication The Organic Prepper and the Centers for Infectious Disease Research Policy, this year’s H3N2 strain is more resistant to the flu vaccine. In fact, this flu vaccine appears to be only 10% effective, possibly helping only one out of ten people! Furthermore, one of the popular anti-flu prescription medications has been implicated in causing hallucinations, delusions, twitching and even seizures!

Prevention and Treatment

If you truly want to keep yourself and your children safe, prevention is the key. Whole Family Healthcare here in Winter Park has the nutritional and natural tools to not only help ward off the flu, but to reduce the severity and risk of pneumonia if you do get sick based on our clinical experience.  What can you do right now to boost your immune system?

High Dose IV Vitamin C with other nutrients possesses amazingly effective anti-viral properties, immune boosting properties, and enhances quality of life!

At Whole Family Healthcare we have developed highly effective immune boosting protocols. One of the most powerful is our combination of high dose intravenous vitamin C and a potent, natural antioxidant called Glutathione. Administered in a comfortable setting in around 30-60 minutes, these amazing, nutritionally based IV therapies have an immediate and profound effect on re-charging your immune system, providing a quick energy boost, and maximizing your body’s germ-fighting abilities. If one does contract the flu, receiving IV nutritional therapies such as IV vitamin C can have a profound effect on reducing the debilitating symptoms as well as, in our experience, reducing the dreaded complications such as bacterial pneumonia.

Additional Anti-flu Tools

Keeping your blood levels of vitamin D in an optimal range may be highly effective in preventing the flu and reducing the complications and severity if you do contract the flu. Whole Family Healthcare can test for proper blood levels of this all-important vitamin. In our natural pharmacy we also stock some of the most potent herbal anti-viral and anti-flu remedies available today. Knowledge is power- and education regarding how to prevent and effectively and naturally treat the flu could have profoundly beneficial effects on your health and well-being.

Whole Family Healthcare is one of the most respected, progressive, natural and holistic healthcare facilities in Central Florida.  Our medical doctors and other highly trained providers and staff offer the highest level of professional expertise, a holistic philosophy, and compassionate care. Before you suffer from complications from the flu or a bad cold, we invite you to contact us today to learn more!


WFH Favorites for Natural Immune Support


  1. Virotox, Lymph 1 and Influaforce-10 drops of each under tongue 3 times/day
  2. Sambucus-1 tsp daily
  3. HLC Child Probiotic-1 daily
  4. Vitamin C Supreme-1/2 tsp daily
  5. Liquid Vitamin D-based on blood levels or 5 drops daily with food



  1. Lymph 1 and Influaforce-10 drops of each under tongue 3 times/day
  2. Immune Supreme-3 caps twice/day
  3. Whole Probiotic DF-1 daily
  4. C Flav-3 caps twice/day
  5. Vitamin D Supreme-based on blood levels or 2 caps daily with food


Dr. Jeffrey Mueller, MD

Whole Family Healthcare