Losing weight is not easy and there are a million “magic formulas” out there that want to help us get rid of unwanted pounds. Personally, after having four children, I’ve had to lose baby weight four times (4!!!!) and it was really hard and frustrating. I can now say that there is NO magic trick that works overnight, or fast, no pills, or magic needles; it is just not easy to lose weight. BUT, it is not impossible either! If you are serious about your goals and determined to reach them … THINGS. WILL. HAPPEN.

I am going to share with you what has worked for me and maybe some of these ideas will resonate with you and your lifestyle:

  1. Setting a goal: this is important and you want to be realistic. Getting there will take time and you will fall off the wagon several times before you reach your goal. But you need to get up and start again without looking back and without blaming yourself for a mistake.
  2. Sharing the journey / support: it is helpful to get your significant other involved and make them understand that this goal is important to you and that you need their support that way they can encourage you along the way and be there for you when you feel like giving up.
  3. Planning meals, planning exercise: plan your meals ahead of time, take food and water with you so when you are hungry you don’t reach for the first thing you see. Plan your day so you can make it to your daily workouts and not be stressed about rushing from one place to the other. 
  4. Exercise: find an exercise routing that you enjoy and look forward to, maybe it is a group exercise or working out with a personal trainer.
  5. Intermittent Fasting: this has been key for me and I started by reading a book called “The Fast Diet” which talks about the medical benefits of IF and how it helps with more than weight loss. There are different ways to fast and it is not difficult to get through a fast. Read the book.
  6. Juicing: this was also key! I purchased a juicer and every Sunday I juiced my produce and made 1 gallon of juice which we enjoyed throughout the week; sometimes replacing meals, sometimes adding it to meals or other vegetables. It was fun to create different juice combinations.
  7. Supplements: there are many supplements out there and I recommend that you check with a licensed practitioner first before buying a whole bag of supplements.
  8. Logging: keep a log where to track your exercise and your diet. I like to use an app called “MyFitness Pal” to track my progress.
  9. Plan and have a “cheat meal” once per week: life is too short and food is too good to give it up 100%. Chose a meal and get yourself ready to enjoy every bite! Then start again and forget about the past.
  10. This is the most important … love yourself and be nice to yourself! We are all different and we are unique in our own way. We were all built different so do not compare yourself to anyone as we all loose weight at a different pace. What works for others, might now work for me so listen to your body.

Those are my main recommendations for weight loss. Please come and see me as I can help with other tools like Lipo-B12 injections, fat burners, food therapy recommendations, hormone testing and nutritional testing which would help you assess your vitamin and mineral levels. Book your appointment today at 407-644-2990.