Are the foods you're eating making you feel sick?
Are the foods you’re eating making you feel sick?

At Whole Family Healthcare we believe that one of the foundations of optimal health is a well balanced diet.  Many patients are surprised to hear that some of their chronic ailments could be improved by the elimination of certain foods.  Hidden food sensitivities can cause or aggravate a wide range of symptoms from digestive gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, skin rashes, weight gain, and mood swings.  

Healthy foods are supposed to provide our bodies with key macro and micro-nutrients essential to our health.  Are you unintentionally eating foods that are harmful for you?   Often times a simple food diary will show what foods are causing reactions.  Some foods will cause an immediate reaction while others may cause a delayed type reaction up to 72 hours after ingesting it.  There are very good tests for measuring these delayed type food reactions which eliminates a lot of the guesswork.  Identification and avoidance of these problematic foods can make a huge improvement in your health. 

If you are frustrated with a chronic health condition, tired all the time, or feel worse after eating certain meals than getting tested for food sensitivities may provide the answers you are looking for. We can now do food testing with a simple finger stick in the office which will test for a variety of foods depending on the panel selected. We can also tests for candida, baker’s and brewer’s yeast sensitivities.
You can learn more about our food sensitivity testing options here: Food Sensitivity Testing

If you think you have a gluten and wheat sensitivity, learn more about our testing options here: Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity Testing

Don’t waste time not feeling your best, let us find the cause of your health conditions through our extensive specialty testing offerings.

Whole Family Healthcare can ship our testing kits all over the United States. Call us at 407-644-2990 to learn more.

By: Steven D’Antonio – AP, ND