Chiropractic care is helpful before, during and after pregnancy- but during is a wonderful time to start! Even in the first few weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s body begins to change.  As the pregnancy progresses, the strain on her lower back, pelvis and lower extremities increases as the baby grows and prepares for delivery. Chiropractic treatments offer a natural, safe and effective way to improve the health and function of the spine and promote a healthier pregnancy, labor and delivery.

“Morning sickness” (or in most cases, “all day sickness”) can take away the joy and excitement of pregnancy for some moms.  The nausea and vomiting, especially when severe, can lead to dehydration and weight loss, but chiropractic can ease these symptoms, and even help with pregnancy associated heartburn and constipation, and can help boost your immunity to increase chances of having a healthy baby.

The majority of pain from pregnancy comes from the changes in the biomechanics of her body.  As the baby grows, so does her belly, and the increase in weight and the stretching of the core muscles cause changes to occur in her posture, spinal curvature and the way she moves.  Hormonal changes, which are mostly in the third trimester, are also a culprit to blame for some discomforts in pregnancy, such as headaches and emotional issues. 

Misalignments in the low back and pelvis not only cause muscle spasms and pain but can also cause the baby to remain posterior, sideways or breeched. Chiropractic pregnancy treatment helps align the pelvis and allow the joints to move properly so the baby can get into the best position for delivery.  Once the baby is in the optimal delivery position, navigation through the pelvis is made easier leading to quicker labor and allowing for a non-invasive and natural birth.

Dr. Sandra Nelson, DC

Whole Family Healthcare