The most cutting-edge therapy for Lyme or Chronic Viruses to Date!

There are fewer than a handful of integrative practices in Florida offering this new SOT technology, and Whole Family Healthcare is now proud to be able to offer this therapy to our patients. SOT or anti-sense oligonucleotide technique, is a molecular therapy originally created in Europe over 20 years ago. It has rapidly gained widespread popularity and acceptance throughout the world’s medical community as a major advance in medical therapeutics, and it has an extremely safe track record in this arena.

SOT is completely changing the paradigm of how Lyme (bacterial) and chronic viral infections are addressed and treated. Because this breakthrough therapy utilizes molecular building blocks found naturally in the patient’s own body, it is not technically a drug nor a gene manipulation therapy.

If you have Lyme Disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome thought to be virally-induced, then this therapy may be the long-awaited answer to your complex medical problem. I have seen hundreds of patients with theses conditions who have undergone months and years of needless suffering due to ineffective treatments and poor understanding of the underlying processes. Today, the future is much brighter as it seems that the past history of ineffective, complex and/or side-effect prone therapies for these bacterial and viral infections is now in the rearview mirror.

In terms of viral infections, many patients are unaware that once exposed, these viruses usually remain in the body lifelong. These include chicken pox, (which can turn into Shingles later in life), CMV (related to some brain tumors), EBV or Epstein Barr Virus –(Mono- related to malignant lymphoma-type cancers), genital or oral Herpes Simplex (related to cancer and dementias) and many others. In recent years, serious diseases including cancers have been linked to many of these chronic viral infections Up to this point, these have been impossible to eradicate completely from the body, and Lyme has proven incredibly difficult to both diagnose and treat.

LYME:     For Lyme Disease patients, we now also offer an incredibly advanced laboratory diagnostic test utilizing PCR technology that has been found to be up to 90+ percent effective in diagnosing Lyme vs standard labs where the diagnostic sensitivity ranges from 5-20% on average.

Here are some fast facts about SOT:

  • Technically not a drug in the traditional sense
  • SOT is not a gene therapy- no gene splicing, gene insertion or manipulation
  • Composed of RNA (a natural cousin to DNA) and able to block the expression of critical segments of genes needed for Lyme or a virus to survive and replicate.
  • It is not an antibiotic; More than one type of virus or bacteria (Lyme) can be treated over time using SOT;  Must wait ~ 3 months between treatments
  • Virtually no serious adverse reactions other than fatigue or mild headache and no anaphylactic reactions
  • The RNA anti-sense therapy is a “stealth technology with molecules so small that they area able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system or RNA degrading enzymes for months, allowing them to quietly circulate through the body, attaching to their viral or bacterial targets.
  • Non-invasive- requiring a simple infusion, although more than one infusion (max 3 in one year) is often required to produce the best outcomes
  • RGCC develops customized therapies for each individual patient based on which virus or bacteria (Lyme, co-infections) is infecting their body at the time
  • One to three treatments per year may be necessary for best, long term outcomes; Epstein Barr or Mono appears to require 3 infusions.
  • There is no way to predict ahead of time how many RGCC SOT therapies may be required
  • Years of clinical experience from around the world are showing that long term suppression of treated viruses or Lyme is likely (but not guaranteed) and that symptoms associated with these diseases are usually greatly diminished or eliminated
  • Highly recommended that patients consider adding our proprietary, vitamin C based infusions to their protocol that have proven highly effective and synergistic in reducing symptoms, boosting the immune system and improving quality of life.

Whole Family Healthcare is proud to announce that they are one of only 3 or 4 practices in the state of Florida offering this incredible, cutting edge treatment. Combined with our proprietary, nutritionally-based infusions, we have seen dramatic improvements in patients using these therapeutic approaches.

If you are one of the millions of patients who have been suffering with unsuccessfully treated Lyme Disease or plagued by other chronic, debilitating viral infections, then please contact out multi-specialty integrative practice in Winter Park to learn more about this amazing therapy.

Jeffrey Mueller, M.D.

Director, IV Therapy,  Chronic Disease, Autoimmune and Cancer Support Programs

Whole Family Healthcare