Primary care services offered at Whole Family Healthcare are structured in a way to allow your provider to spend quality, one on one time with you, get to know your history, hear your story, listen to ALL of your symptoms, understand your already diagnosed conditions and develop a personalized plan of care that addresses ALL of your healthcare concerns.

One of the most important aspects of primary care services at Whole Family Healthcare is TIME! Our goal is to partner with you, allow you to make your own informed health care choices, and to come along side you in your journey to improved health, enhanced well-being and happiness.  

What Should You Expect?

On your first visit as a new patient you can expect to spend one full hour with your provider. This time during your appointment will allow the provider to perform a full head to toe physical exam, review any previous labs and/or medical records, review your medications and/or current supplements, order more specific highly specialized labs if needed, you’ll be asked questions regarding your diet and lifestyle, even your social and spiritual life will be discussed to help optimize your health care needs. Your provider will help you develop, set, and stick to realistic healthcare goals that you will be able to maintain for a lifetime.

What does “Integrated” primary care mean?

The word “integrate” means to incorporate parts into a whole, to unify, or unite.  The Integrated Primary care provider will focus on collecting information such as labs, current or past symptoms, imaging, other diagnostic tests, etc. (all the “parts” if you will) and put them all together to make you “whole”. This process can take time and can be quite frustrating at times; but your primary care provider is dedicated to making this process more comfortable for you. Being your guide to ultimate health is a goal of ours!

If necessary; specialized tests may be recommended for you. These highly specialized tests go beyond the confines of what a general practitioner is able to offer and  may help to determine other medical conditions you have that would otherwise gone un-noticed.    

NO INSURANCE? No problem! Whole Family Healthcare can provide you with discounted self-pay options for your office visit and lab work if needed. For those who would like to use their insurance we can also provide you with information for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes.  

Here at Whole Family Healthcare we understand that everyone is an individual and each individual requires a personalized plan of care whether you have cold symptoms or you have a chronic condition that requires careful monitoring – Your primary care provider will work with you and advocate for you when it comes to your WHOLE health.

Karen Kelly, APRN