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God blessed me with another pregnancy!

The first time I went to see Amy as an acupuncture newbie was a year ago in February. At my first appointment, she sat and talked with me for over half an hour about any health issue I had.


One of the reasons I went to Amy was for infertility – I had gone through a journey of surgery and fertility treatments that had been unsuccessful over the prior year and a before going to that appointment, I actually had found out I was pregnant naturally. Unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage.


I started going to Amy consistently in July of this year. We worked on my digestive issues, letting go of the emotional pain of the miscarriage.  I am happy to report to you today that with the help of Amy, God has blessed me with another pregnancy!


I would highly recommend that if you know women who are struggling getting pregnant, have suffered miscarriages – or if you know men or women with a health issue they have struggled with for years – to send them to Amy.


Laura H.



I have been a patient of Dr D'Antonio for over 5 years and have always responded well with all protocols. I work with many toxins and that makes makes daily health a challenge.


David C.



Truly life changing

The results that I have seen and felt since I started treatment at Whole Family Healthcare have been truly life changing. I had been seeing different doctors for many years to treat my anxiety and it wasn't until I started seeing Dr D'Antonio that I started getting to the root of the problem ( instead of putting a Band-Aid on it with prescription medication). I feel better than I have is as long as I can remember thanks to the vitamin supplementation and acupuncture treatments i have received here. Thank you!!


Stephanie C.



Regaining my energy and ability to fall asleep at night

I have made great strides in losing weight, regaining my energy and ability to fall asleep at night since coming to Whole Family Health


Susan H.



A road to freedom and peace of mind

My Family has been part of Whole Family Healthcare since it opened, and even prior to that. We already had been established patients with Dr Mueller for general holistic healthcare and Dr D'Antonio for our daughter's severe eczema, and later with Dr Ilagan for bioidentical hormone treatment. My husband I have also received rich benefits from occasional acupuncture treatment with Dr D'Antonio. What a thrill to see our previously separate doctors under one roof! Without hesitation I highly recommend Whole Family Healthcare based on hte health benefits we have personally experienced with our family. The proactive, trustworthy, whole healthcare they provide is a road to freedom and peace of mind in health related matters.


Katie C.



Off all prescription medications and feel great!.

I have been coming to Whole Family Health Care since day one for various health issues. But I have to give a special shout out and recognition to Dr. Matthew Johnson, my acupuncturist. Matthew has helped me with quite a few injuries...ranging from a severe ankle sprain...pain from several herniated and bulging disks...hormonal issues, hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety and over active bladder. I am off all prescription medications and feel great! No matter what I throw at Matthew he knows exactly how to treat it! His knowledge, care for his patients, relaxing tuina and pain free needles have helped me beyond belief. Thank you!!!


Debbie L.



I've seen excellent results.

Acupuncture was new to me but the benefits are very well known. Amy reaffirmed that this form of healthcare is so beneficial and through her, I've seen excellent results. At 52 I'm off blood pressure medication and my time with her is both healing and meditative.


Dori S.



Nothing short of life changing.

I went to several doctors for a year but it wasn't until I met Amy that she relieved my symptoms on the first visit, and several weeks later i was cured. Amy's treatments have been nothing short of life changing.


Ray A.



A haven of healing and well-being.

Whole Family Healthcare in Winter Park is a haven of healing and well-being. The exterior architecture of the building provides a quiet, welcoming feel, and parking is easy. Inside, one is greeted by a friendly staff that is helpful in every way.


My first appointment five months ago was made because I was physically ill due to extreme stress. Prescription medication was not helping and from past experience I knew acupuncture to be an excellent therapy for stress-reduction.


Dr. Craig Adamson is a superb acupuncturist and anyone who has worked with a skilled acupuncturist from China, which I did years ago, will recognize the work of an American expert. On the other hand, if you have never had acupuncture, relax. Private room, heat lamp, and soft, relaxing music, provide a totally therapeutic atmosphere.

The two women massage therapists at Whole Family are well-skilled. Also available, if needed, is a supply of vitamin/mineral supplements—easily recognizable by brand.


Ruth C.



I felt amazingly better immediately

I had a very large tumor in my breast that gave me a lot of pain. I came to Whole Family Health and Dr. Mueller gave me an IV of Curcumin/DSMO and also a IV of vitamins. They also recommended acupuncture. I was in a lot of pain so I decided to try it too. I honestly have to say that was the best acupuncture treatment I had ever had. I felt amazingly better immediately and it only improved as the day went on. I did not have any pain that night or the following day. I was not on any pain pills.


These therapies are beneficial in a lot of ways. I like the fact that Curcumin reduces inflammation and does not cause inflammation. I just recently had the tumor removed and will continue with my Curcumin IV9s and supplements recommended by Dr. Mueller. I also am looking forward to another acupuncture treatment as I continue with my healing therapy.


Alison S.



Very happy I visited Whole Family Healthcare!

"I was originally interested in Chelation Therapy to help improve blood circulation as I have coronary artery disease and currently have three stents. I am an ex-national champion bodybuilder who's goal now is to simply to be as healthy as I possibly can.


My current body weight is around 6o lbs lighter than it was back in my competition days and as a result the amount of weight that I workout with has been considerably lighter. However, after my third week of chelation treatments, I noticed that my strength and endurance started to increase. By the fourth week I noticed a considerable increase in the amount of weight that I was working out with combined with the fact that it seemed like I could train forever! The amount of weight I lift isn't all that important to me now but I love the fact that I can now push my body physically with what seems like unlimited energy. The energy benefits aren't limited only to the weight room either.


Throughout may days at work I've noticed that I no longer have the energy fluctuations that I use to in which I would have to depend on caffeinated beverages to get me through the low periods.


Besides chelation treatmentsI have received diet and supplementation advice from Dr Mueller and his staff at Whole Family Healthcare. It is my belief that the total package of services designed and catered for me is what has contributed to the results I am now benefitting from. I'm very happy I made the choice to visit Whole Family Healthcare!"


Thank You,


John G.

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