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Doctors DAntonio and Mueller have helped me get back to a productive working life after suffering from debilative fibromyalgia and Migraine headaches. You have to follow their instructions and stick with their plan. It is costly but if you get your life back it is worth it.They are both caring more
Government Research Center
Government Research Center
12:17 26 Sep 18
My husband and I were recommended to the team at whole family health care in regards to our fertility. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jessica Mitchell (Chiropractor) and Robyn Calabrese (Acupuncture & massage)!!! We did a fertility treatment plan that lasted about two and a half months that transformed our life. From adolescent, I have suffered from chronic back pain and could never seem to find relief in all my efforts. After treatments, I would sleep like a baby and be able to perform exercises and other activities that I love, but would bring me so much pain in the past. While we did not get pregnant on our journey with Whole family healthcare, we would have loved to continue to stay with them on our journey. We know we would be able to get pregnant if we were able to do another treatment plan. We saw so many positives in going to Whole family Health care, that it was such a heart break to have to switch offices. Unfortunately, the pricing was to high for our budget so we couldn't continue adjustments and acupuncture. I also wanted to add my husband was doing Nuerofeedback with Alexa Schmidt and he boasted of his progress. He has ADD and was unable to finish books once he picked them up. He started to comprehend information being thrown at him in a way he hadn't before. We love the team at Whole Family Healthcare and wish we could have stuck with them for the long haul. We do believe that whatever your case or situation, they have solutions and are so easy to work with for proper treatment, care, and whole body more
Ashta Harrilall
Ashta Harrilall
20:29 12 Dec 17
My experience as always was Stellar. Dr D Antonio always knows what ails me and moves to promptly help me repair it through exercise, Whole Foods, proper guided supplementation, and rest I'm sure I will get there . Anti-biotics really did a number this time and still not even a week and I'm already feeling better since visiting him and following what he recommended to recover !!!read more
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw
14:39 22 May 17
First time going to whole family and felt very good already about them. Very nice staff and awesome doctor D'Antonio
Cynthia Noto
Cynthia Noto
17:13 12 Apr 17
Dr. Ilagan treats me like family. She really listens and cares, strives to help me maintain optimal health and gives me a hug at the end! Great personal attention.
Vicki Flynn
Vicki Flynn
19:23 08 Mar 17
I love Dr. Ilagan. I have been with her for six years and she has changed my life. There is nothing better then a doctor that knows what they are doing and has a great bedside manner. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Princess Lola
Princess Lola
00:00 25 Jan 17
I love this practice, they are so thorough and intelligent, looking at your whole health as opposed to just treating issues. Dr Ilagan is phenomenal and treats me like a dear friend whenever I see her. the care is costly but it's worth it! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Kristin Cushen
Kristin Cushen
20:51 06 Jan 17
We love Whole Family Healthcare, they have helped our family so much this past year. Everyone there is so friendly and professional and we know we are in great hands when it comes to recommending treatments to get and keep us healthy. We highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for proper treatment and a healthy life. read more
Steve Scheiber
Steve Scheiber
22:45 22 Nov 16
The team at Whole Family Healthcare makes you feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment you enter their lobby. I have been a patient of Dr. D'Antonios for 2 years and my energy levels have never been better. I truly believe in their process and system for providing natural healing and health alternatives. I highly recommend and endorse their servicesread more
Jeff Singletary
Jeff Singletary
21:23 28 Oct 16
My last doctor retired so I went to Whole Family Health. I've been so thankful I found the right place. Dr. Maria Ilagan is not only excellent but always makes me feel comfortable.She got my weight to a happy level, she balanced my hormones and thyroid.My cholesterol is finally low thanks to her expertise and I'm healthy now.I tell people about her all the time!! This is a wonderful place!You'll be happy you gave them a chance!Sincerely, Jere Grierread more
Brantley Drums
Brantley Drums
21:23 08 Aug 16

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Testimonial #1
โ€œ I greatly appreciate the holistic approach offered here. The staff is friendly and has always been understanding to my needs/concerns. I would suggest anyone visit."
Alison S.
Testimonial #2
โ€œI had a very large tumor in my breast that gave me a lot of pain. I can to Whole Family Healthcare and Dr. Mueller gave me an IV of Curcumin/DMSO and also a IV of vitamins. They also recommended the acupuncture. I was in a lot of pain so I decided to try it too. I honestly have to say that was the best acupuncture treatment I had ever had. I felt amazingly better immediately and it only improved as the day went on. I was not on any pain pills. These therapies are beneficial in a lot of ways.โ€
Ruth C.
Testimonial #3
โ€œWhole Family Healthcare in Winter Park is a haven of healing and well-being. The exterior architecture of the building provides a quiet, welcoming feel and parking is easy. Inside, one is greeted by a friendly staff that is helpful in every way. My first appointment five months ago was made because I was physically ill due to extreme stress. Prescription medication was not helping and from past experience I knew acupuncture to be an excellent therapy for stress-reduction. Dr. Craig Adamson is a superb acupuncturist and anyone who has worked with a skilled acupuncturist from China, which I did years ago, will recognize the work of an American Expert. Also available, if needed, is a supply of vitamin/mineral supplements- easily recognizable by brand.โ€
John G.
Testimonial #4
โ€œI was originally interested in Chelation Therapy to help improve blood circulation as I have coronary artery disease and currently have three stents. I am an ex-national body builder whose goal is now is to simply be as healthy as I can. After my 3rd week of chelation, I noticed my strength and endurance started to increase. I no longer have energy fluctuations that I used to in which I would have to depend on caffeinated beverages to get me through low periods. Besides chelation treatments, I have received diet and supplementation advice from Dr. Mueller and staff. It is my belief that that the total package of services designed and catered for me is what has contributed to the results I am seeing. I am very happy I made the choice to visit Whole Family Healthcare!โ€
Vanessa R.
โ€œI received healing of multiple pre-existing conditions at Whole Family Healthcare. If I could shout from the rooftops how incredibly life-changing my experience has been I would. From acupuncture to chiropractic, to massage therapy, every day I felt significantly better. If only more people suffering from a myriad of conditions would realize that this is possible to treat and heal without a single prescription drug, there would be a line at the door. A gifted staff, a heart for healing and a commitment to every single person they treat makes this place a sanctuary of wellnessโ€
Marc S.
Testimonial #6
โ€œDr. Mueller is competent, knowledgeable, compassionate gentleman, who has truly helped me increase my quality of life by custom tailoring a supplement plan to address specific issues based on our specific needs. For those looking for health solutions, hope and an amazing experience during a stressful time, Whole Family Healthcare is the place to be. Thanks again to everyone. We appreciate what you do as a team on an everyday basis to help improve the lives of those in need.โ€
Jeff S.
Testimonial #7
โ€œDr. Dโ€™Antonio and the Whole Family Healthcare staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend endorse their services.โ€
Diane S.
Testimonial #8
โ€œI have been a patient at Whole Family Healthcare for about 15 months. I came here after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have taken supplements and had IV treatments. I am doing great now. Everyone is kind and professional.โ€
Susan F.
Testimonial #9
โ€œDr. Ilagan is absolutely wonderful! Very thorough and knowledgeable.โ€
J. Marling
Testimonial #10
โ€œWe have found Whole Family Healthcare to be a fabulous solution to our medical needs. Dr. Mueller has radically improved my health and energy through chelation and other natural remedies. I now have only one prescription and feel great!โ€

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