The first grading period of school is complete for kiddos and as the report cards come rolling in, grades and performance may not be where you had hoped your child would be. It’s at this point that many parents are realizing assignments are not being turned in, homework is a struggle and teachers are needing to give constant reminders to their students to stay focused and on task. School could be a more positive experience for students, parents and teachers if many of these struggles were being alleviated.

Making improvements in the brain is possible but first let’s discuss how the brain operates… Most of the time, the brain is capable of handling millions of tasks over the course of a day, constantly processing auditory, visual, sensory and emotional information. This incredible processing machine is able to operate all our bodily functions without any need for us to be aware of when or how those tasks are being done. It is common however, that our brains can become overloaded with processes, thus creating inefficiencies in how the machine is running.

A child’s brain, with the tasks of school, can often times struggle with balancing all these tasks and functions. This imbalance leads to changes in how the brain can focus, make decisions, remember information and control behavior. Once a state of imbalance in the brain has occurred, it has to be trained how to make the necessary improvements. Without intervention, these issues can continue or potentially worsen as years go on and schooling becomes more demanding.

Neurofeedback is a way to address these issues.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, medication free therapy that uses electrical impulses from the brain to provide real-time feedback to the patient when their brain is moving closer to the correct brainwave patterns, promoting mental clarity, calmness and quick thinking. This type of brain training simply rewards the brain for producing the optimal ranges of electrical activity in the brain. Very similar to working out the muscles in the body, the brain is being exercised to produce a stronger and more efficient system of operation.

When these electrical frequencies are shown the proper way to fire, the brain is able to restore balance. Balance is essential for the brain to perform at its optimal level. The more balanced the brain becomes with each therapy session, the more we see improvements in grades, motivation, mood, sleep, stress and comprehension for students. Student athletes also see improvements in their game as well. From reaction time to performing under pressure, athletic performance can be taken to its peak with neurofeedback.

Taking a proactive step in your child’s academic performance is critical to ensuring future ease and success in school. Addressing any issues early on in the year will allow your child to have the time to make the necessary improvements before the school year has come and gone. A child’s education should be an exciting challenge not a dreaded struggle, and brain strengthening therapy like neurofeedback can help make that possible.


Alexa Schmidt, MS, BCN