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DNA Testing Orlando-MTHFR

 What are Your Genes Telling You?


We are now able to identify your genetic information with a simple salivary sample. This is a very exciting technology and gives your doctor tremendous insight into your health and disease potential.  Many labs are now offering this newer type of testing.  Although this is a very exciting technology, it is just ONE part of the puzzle that we need to consider.  The other is Epigenetics.


Epigenetics is a new and emerging field of medicine in which we are able to determine how external environmental factors can influence your genes.


These external environmental factors can include:

· toxins heavy metals( lead, mercury, cadmium) pesticides, plastics, solvents and other man-made chemicals

· dietary factors

· nutritional status including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids

· stress-physical, emotional, and mental




Genetic Basics

The Human Genome Project was completed in 2003 and ten years later we are starting to make advancements in medicine that may lead to more personalized healthcare options.  There are a few basic terms to become familiar with including:



· Chromosomes

· Genes

· SNPs- stands for single nucleotide polymorphism

· Phenotype- our observable traits such as hair, eye, and skin color


 The human body has nearly 50 trillion cells and each cell comes complete with a set of instructions on how you are made.  These instructions are encoded in long ladder shaped molecules called DNA.  DNA is organized into chromosomes and we humans possess 23 pairs of chromosomes.  Chromosomes are further organized into short segments of DNA called genes.  These genes tell your cells how to function and what traits to express.  As your body grows it makes new cells.  As a cell divides from one to two, it first copies its DNA so the new cell has the complete set of genetic instructions.  During this copying process, cells occasionally make mistakes that lead to variations in the DNA sequence.  We call these boo boos SNPs.  As we inherit DNA from our parents, we can also have SNPs passed down as well.  The SNPs can be tested for and can cause differences in physical traits, disease susceptibility, or response to medications.  Scientists are making discoveries daily on how SNPs can affect our genetic expression.  Some SNPs are extremely important and have been linked to health challenges while others tell fun unique characteristics that are not life altering like if your pee will smell funny when eating asparagus.


If you test positive for a SNP then what?


Epigenetic changes can alter our gene expression by turning them off or on.  So just because you have a genetic SNP associated with a medical condition or disease this doesn’t guarantee you will get that disease.  The great news is that diet, lifestyle, detoxing, eating well, and having proper stress reductions can overcome or delay genetic predispositions. Also this testing may shed light on the cause or biochemical contributors to your symptoms that can be addressed naturally with diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.


At Whole Family Healthcare we feel it is vitally important to individualize recommendations for diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation with the help of cutting edge diagnostics including MTHFR and other genetic SNPs for disease prevention and health optimization.  Call today to get started with personalized medicine at its best!




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