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Chinese Herbal Medicine

is the largest organized herbal system in existence. In China, it is considered to be a very powerful form of therapy that is used to treat most conditions. Due to its long history of usage, the workings of the classical herbal formulas are extremely well understood.


Practitioners prescribe Chinese herbs both as a complement to acupuncture treatments and as a primary form of therapy. Chinese herbs can help change unhealthful balances and patterns, resulting in decreased allergy symptoms, increased energy, improved digestion, improved sleep and/or irregular menstrual cycle. The herbs are particularly effective with chronic problems as well as the more acute versions of the common cold and flu, which do not respond as readily to Western medicines.


Every herb has its own properties which include its energy, flavor, movement, and related meridians to which it connects to. Formulas may be custom-made and finely tailored to each patient in order to fully address a variety of presenting symptoms or when treating complex cases.


Traditional formulas are often used as well, due to their detailed study and high success rate over many centuries. Chinese herbal formulas may be given in tincture or pill form.




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